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David Sacks

coal-trains are gonna make traffic a horrendous nightmare for some  with ten minute train passings 18times a day..    Slater road is pointed out as a key point..  I am sure Silver Reef is gonna be thrilled by their traffic coming to a halt for 3 hours a day..  Let alone , think of those who have to commute at various hours through the affected areas....


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Kelvin Barton
One of my professors talked about the “Misery Factor”. An area, usually a city, will grow until people reach a certain misery level then the growth will stop. If the community votes for additional taxes to make the community more enjoyable the community will again grow until it hits the same misery level. Eventually you are just as miserable but with higher taxes.




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Dena Jensen
I live in Birch Bay and I stand with the Lummi Nation to draw the line against the Gateway Pacific Terminal and other fossil fuel mega-projects. A number of these enterprises are currently projected to be imposed on and oppress these beautiful lands and the waters of the Salish Sea.

I feel history has shown that corporations such as SSA Marine/PIT, BNSF, Peabody Energy, BP and Shell have become enslaved to their bottom lines. We in the communities of Whatcom and Skagit counties, and the very people who work for those corporations, will never be of enough importance to them.

I believe these corporations have demonstrated that they are not capable of putting our health, survival, rights or even our ability to have and hold dependable jobs above what they see as their imperative to make as much money as they possibly can off our lands and waters until those lands and waters are entirely used up.

We must take care of ourselves. We must depend on each other. In the words of Lummi elder and master carver Jewell James, “Our commitment to place and to each other unites us as one people, one voice to call out to others who understand that our shared responsibility is to leave a better, more bountiful world for those who follow.”
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