At Birch Bay?

This is hard to believe,
it has been reported by highly unreliable sources that Sasquatch has come down from Mt. Baker for winter clamming. The sources tell us that the Sasquatch likes the winter tides best because  the lowest tides are at night and he can’t be detected on the beach in the darkness. Traces of his foot prints may be found along the shore line very early in the morning after a very low tide. It is still a mystery  where he holds up during the daytime. One source claims that Sasquatch holds up in a Blue Herons nesting area. Keep a look out for grumpy Blue Herons.
The Fish and Wild Life Service has been questioned about this. The only comment on this they would give is if this is true and he comes to Birch Bay for his clams that they are sure Sasquatch would have “aboriginal rights.”
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