Easter Bunny Bedtime Bonanzas

By Patricia Alesse


Chapter One: The Bunnies Wake Up

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Finally the lights went out.


Regal Roger and Annabelle turned to one another and sighed a happy sigh. "She sure works into our time, doesn't she?" Roger said.


"At last – we're alone," Annabelle whispered into his tall ear. "Help me get this heavy pack of eggs off my back and then we can get frisky." She smiled coyly at Roger as she shed her burden and wiped her hands on her apron.


Regal Roger and Annabelle were the largest pair of bunnies at The C Shop since they and many of their friends moved there in 2006. They especially enjoyed the Easter Season when they all got to be out and about. Night times were the best.


From Flop Ear Bunny who was shy and bashful and often cowered quietly in his mold or box a bit afraid of all the bigger bunnies to Harry the Hairy Hare who was as mischevious as a bunny could be – always in trouble – he just couldn't help himself, they all loved the night time when they were free!


The Bunny Band got out their instruments: violin, drums, sax and accordian, and played all night long. The Sitting Bunnies could finally stand up and dance among their flowers. The Sweetheart Bunnies joined Roger and Annabelle on the makeshift tabletop dance floor they had cleared off. Best Dressed was always ready to set down his walking stick, remove his bowler cap and pick out a partner for the "Easter Bunny Waltz"*.


The Running Bunnies plus Hopping and Leaping measured out a 10 meter distance and set up the mold frames as hurdles to begin their track and field events.


The Roadster, Egg Cart, Bunny Express and Motorcycle Bunnies set up their race course under the tables, through the mountains of boxes, and over the countertops speeding to their hearts' content. One night the Small Standing Bunnies had to jump out of the way so quickly they landed in a place so safe it took "her" a whole day to find them hiding nearly invisibly in the closed door transit.


One night as the racers lined up for the second race of the night, Harry Hare, up to his usual tricks, disconnected one of the tracks and dropped the end of it in a big recycling bucket so as they sped along, they dropped safely over the "cliff" into the mounds of cellophane wrap trimmings and were stuck there. As they piled in on top of each other, they laughingly concluded, "That rascle Harry's up to his tricks again!"  They had to call for the Tractor Bunny to come tip the bucket over so they could crawl or drive out. Needless to say, "She" would find the bits of cellophane bags strewn all over the floor in the morning, but they put the tracks back into race mode and—undeterred--began the race again.


But mischevious Harry disconnected the track yet again and drooped it into the recycle bucket as soon as they went back to the starting line. As they tumbled into the recycles for the second time, there were shouts of "HARRRRYYY!!! You dirty Rotten Rabbit!" In the background, Harry was laughing loudly and holding his plump sides. When they all regained their composure, Harry helped them set up the track and rooted for the winners as they finally crossed the finish line.


One night when they were playing hide and seek, Harry hid in the hot box and got melted chocolate on his feet. They all teased him, for a change, since he was so easy to find for the whole game  that night.


Every night all the bunnies looked forward to their delightful Bunny Bonanzas – at least until Bad Larry showed up.


*Easter Bunny Waltz written by (Albert Warren Brown)


Chapter Two: Bad Larry


They had first heard rumors of Bad Larry when Keith noticed some eggs and toys for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt were missing from the Bath House next door. The rumor became real when a masked Larry crashed the party one night. Right away he began bullying poor little Flop Ear. "Look at you, you ugly little bunny. You're so small I could crush you with one foot." (His feet were really big!) "Even your ears can't stand up straight. I dare you to put your ear up!" he taunted.


Flop Ear tried his hardest to pick up his floppy ear, but it only drooped more. "See! You’re so stupid you can't even pick up your ear. Nyah nyah na nyah nah!"  A tear came to Flop Ear's eye as he crouched down in the bottom of a big box.


Big Ear Bunny marched up to Bad Larry pulling his ears up to their full height making himself twice as tall. "You think because you are wearing a mask, we don’t know who you are.  But you’re wrong, Larry.  You're a big bully! You're mean and hurtful. What's the matter with you?"


"Nothing's the matter with me. It's you all who'll get eaten or melted or broken while I have the run of the whole back yard. I'm free day time and night time"


"Well, you're not welcome here, not when you're mean to our friends," and with that Big Ear pushed Bad Larry back outside.


Chapter Three: Flop Ear's Friends


Mr. and Mrs. Gardener, Big Ear and Harry searched until they found Flop Ear hiding at the bottom of a box of Easter grass and coaxed him out. "Don't listen to Bad Larry. You're not stupid!" Harry consoled.


Big Ear added, "After all, you're a drop ear bunny. Your ear is supposed to drop down and besides your drop ear is cute. We love you just the way you are."


Mrs. Gardener chimed in, "You were one of the very first C Shop bunnies. Remember when you were just one single little bunny and now you're 3 full gangs and the most popular bunny in our family!"


"In fact," Mr. Gardener added, "we were just talking about having an anniversary party for all of you who were the first C Shop bunnies. Do you realize it was September of1973 when Patrick brought all of you first molds home from Buffalo, New York? There were Motorcycle Bunnies, you Flop Ear, the Bunny on the Big Egg, 12 ounce Happy Pack Rabbit, Small Standing, Seven ounce Solid plus small, medium and large Eggs, the Big Lamb, the Cross, the Antique Dutch Shoe and all the Clovers. We've heard she sat on the floor and unpacked you all and then turned to Patrick and said, 'I guess that means we're doing Easter candy.'"


"That's what she said," Flop Ear agreed, “So we became the first C Shop Easter bunnies in 1974.”


He dried his eyes, wiggled his nose and accepted hugs from his C Shop friends, but Harry snuck up behind him and rained Jelly Belly Beans over his head. They all laughed as Floppy ducked and covered his head. Then they all scrambled to pick up their favorites. "I like cotton candy!" shouted Fluffy.


"I like the new chocolate-covered ones," Flop Ear exclaimed as he scooped up several and popped a few in his mouth.


"I'll take the blueberry!" volunteered Big Ear. Mr. and Mrs. Gardener dashed for the spring mix variety. In no time, they had all the Jelly Belly Beans picked up and Floppy was happy as could be.


Chapter Four: The Bunnies Go to Work


The next night when the people were finally gone and all the bunnies woke up, they heard Flower Bunny thumping her big foot and 40 ounce Herman calling to them from the candy shop.  When they hopped over to see what all the fuss was about, they knew instantly that Bad Larry had gotten in again. Vicki, Martha and Emily had worked diligently all day to arrange the bunnies in perfect rows in the proper positions in the candy cases, but now the Big Ears were knocked over, Flop Ears were on the Band plate, Best Dressed was beside the Lambs and nothing looked orderly anymore. Suddenly they spotted a few muddy foot prints that could only belong to Bad Larry. Instead of a their usual party, they spent the whole night cleaning up and putting everything in order so the candy shop was ready for customers in the morning.  When they finished, they were exhausted and glad to go back to sleep.


Chapter Five: Party Plans


Three nights later as Harry and Big Ear were planning the anniversary party for the first C Shop bunnies, Harry asked, "Why do you think Larry is so mean? I know I'm always playing tricks on my friends, but I never try to be mean or hurt anyone."  Last night he got in again and was chasing Hopping Bunny all around calling him “Peg Leg.” If Fluffy hadn't fluffed herself up to double her size and scared him away, Hopping Bunny would have been trapped into a corner."


"I think he's just lonely and insecure. We are all part of this big happy family and he's all alone outside. He just doesn't know how to make friends and he tries the worst ways," guessed Big Ear.


"He sure does!" Harry agreed. "About the party--Carrot Bunny likes to cook and to eat. Do you think he would like to make the anniversary cake? Carrot cake is his favorite."


"Great idea! I'll ask him."  Big Ear volunteered. "We'll  get Sneaker Bunny to plan some games. Harry, you could ask the Clover Bunnies to do the decorations. We all like Clover."


Suddenly Harry said, "I've got an idea! We could invite Larry to the party and ask him to pick some real clover from the back yard. Maybe if he felt included, he could learn how to be a friend."


"I think you're right. It's a good idea, but how will Floppy feel about Bad Larry at the party after he was so mean to him?" asked Bashful Bunny who had been quiet up to that moment.


"I'll talk to him," Harry volunteered, "He judges himself pretty harshly, but he's got a good heart when judging others."


Chapter Six: The Anniversary Party


That Sunday night after all the people left the work area and the shop was closed for the week, the Clover bunnies had Bad Larry happily helping them decorate the tables with real and chocolate clovers.  But they just couldn’t resist a few nibbles while they set out the decorations. 


Carrot Bunny, with the help of all the Little Boy and Little Girl Bunnies, brought in a big carrot cake. He snuck into the Royal Icing decorations box to use some of his carrots as decorations on the cake. All the bunnies raved about the yummy carrot cake as they licked the frosting from their furry paws.


The Antique Running Bunny took the prize in Sneaker Bunny's game. All the bunnies had to take a turn running around the middle row of order assembly tables wearing his giant sneakers on their hind feet. It was hilarious watching most of them stumbling horribly, but experience gave Antique Running Bunny the victory.  Even Larry congratulated him. 


Larry also apologized to Flop Ear for harrassing him.  He even asked Floppy to teach him how to drop his right ear. They all partied and played until dawn.  Then they stopped for a sip of carrot juice and another bite of carrot cake and scurried to leave everything in order.  They said their good-byes to the Fairhaven and Barkley bunnies who would be leaving with Patrick for delivery very early Monday morning.


The oldest C Shop bunnies were happy they could be the inspiration for such a fun party and all the bunnies were delighted to have a new friend in NOT-SO-BAD Larry who would be able to bring them news from the outside world.  They were anxious to hear all about this year’s Easter Egg Hunt.