The Great Gray Heron of Birch Bay

The Herron Decrees

Yes, He is a Blue Heron He is the Oldest Blue Heron that makes him The Great Grey Heron.

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The Great Grey Heron.

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Great Gray Heron’s Decree for 2020
January 1
Your vision for 2020 should be 20/20. (Both For and Aft)

February 2
You ask again. “When will spring come?” Too soon!

Great Gray Heron’s Decree for 2019

My assessment of the storm that each of you forlorn?
“Birds of a feather should flock together.” That way you can work together.

You ask again. “When will spring come?” What did your hog that lives in the ground say? He is buried in the ground as the North Winds Blow. Here the spring is perhaps too early. I suggest you keep your eyes open as soon as May comes to look for the Barn Swallows that return to Birch Bay by Mother’s Day. Some swallows may be working on becoming mothers themselves sooner than usual. Look for them to be building their nests under Swallow Bridge sooner this year.

Great Gray Heron’s Decree for 2018

Tread softly into this new year.
Help anyone you can.
Don’t be fooled by fools.

You ask? Did you ask me when spring would come? Let me see if I comprehend your question. Are you referring to this spring, or are you referring to future springs in general? There is a difference you know. I know a Trumpeter Swan that gets them mixed up. Sorry, I got uptight. I was almost ready to take flight.

What I have to say is, “Walk your dogs and pet your kids.
Keep helping one another doing good things.”


Great Gray Heron’s Decree for 2017 

Rain or shine come to 
Birch Bay
and have a good time

Have an interesting year.
Be careful while playing any games
with a Trump Card in the deck.

The Ring of Fire and Hope
The Polar Bear Plunge
were great events.
(I did not see any polar bears.)

I did see Your Friends are back.
Sally Sasquatch and her sidekick, Bow are 
clamming on the tide flats late at night
so no one can see them harvesting clams.

Great Gray Heron’s Decree for 2016

Continue to invite pleasant people to Birch Bay. They may seek me out and photograph my brothers and sisters. They want to understand the tides and the arcs of the sun and the moon as they traverse the sky. The people I like, puzzle at the comings and goings of the myriad of life along the shore. They pick up after themselves, and they pick up after their dogs. I welcome them here and look forward to their return.

The Great Grey Heron’s Decree of 2015

The most important place 
for spring to come 
is in your mind.
Teach your fledglings well.
So they will soar.
They will dominate the Earth.
That will affect us all.
They will be strong.
So they must be compassionate.
They will be wise.
So they must be humble.

The Great Grey Heron’s Decree of 2014

Wow, that was a fantastic Super Bowl the Seahawks put on. I have a friend that is a real Sea-hawk. His name is Oozy Osprey. He is happy for the win but he wonders why the Sea-hawks weren’t called the Ospreys.
I must say that I am pleased to see the Heron Center go up at Birch Bay State Park. I hope that more people will understand more about the environment that we are all part of.  My prediction is we all will learn and lead better lives for it but not all of us will make it. I have noticed that more Morning Doves are moving north into our territory. Have you wondered why?

Learn something about Ospreys by going to this link.Embed URLEmbed

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The Great Grey Heron’s Decree of 2013

So you want a prediction for 2013? Well, I will tell you Spring will come. The big question is will there be a thaw in your government? Two people were walking and talking by Terrell Creek. I distinctly heard them agree that Congress was “for the birds.” I was insulted. I cut loose with a big “SQUAWK” and took off. I can tell you that in our Rookery the younger birds come to me as a group. They ask questions of me. I tell them the best that I know and they decide which way to go. They don’t compete with one another or try to come up with “the perfect solution.” They do their best to solve the problem.I probably should tell you more, but I have been grumpy. My winters rest has been disrupted. Two hairy beasts have been hiding in my rookery during the day so they could go clamming during the low tides at night. The only benefit to us herons is we get extra clams that the Sasquatches share with us. Sally Sasquatch is very affectionate. She is so grateful to be at Birch Bay, she keeps trying to Smooch the herons. Be careful! She may run around and try to Smack some people too. Can you imagine going beak to cheek with a hairy thing like that? They have promised to be gone by Valentine’s day. Sally wants to spend a romantic time with her guy in the foothills.    

The Great Grey Heron’s Decree of 2012

   “Winter did its best. Spring is on its trek north. Till spring arrives to take your dog on his daily trek to see the bay and keep him on his leash and away from me. Keep scooping his poop. I appreciate your effort more than the dog does. I have plenty of other things to occupy my mind than dogs and their duty.
    Be sure to praise the children for their good work at school. Your future and my future depend on their future. It is simple for me to see. We are all part of nature that surrounds us.
    When you talk to visitors at Birch Bay, for me, would you find out if they still depend on some hairy ground beast to forecast for them?  How can any guy that has his head buried in the ground know what is going around?”

The Great  Grey Heron’s Decree of 2011Paragraph

    The Great Grey Heron of Birch Bay Decreed That Spring will Come Early To Birch Bay. It’s time to tune up your bicycles and get your walking shoes ready. We will attract all sorts of people from a lot of places. Talk to them and find out when is a good time to visit their area. Also, for me, would you find out if they still depend on some hairy ground beast to forecast for them?

It was on January 17, 1991 that the Great Gray Heron gave his first decree. What it was only applied to Birch Bay and it is lost in history. The Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce was having a Birch Bay Gary Days event to entertain the locals during the off season.


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