Movie Magic at Blaine and Birch Bay

Free Classic Films at Semiahmoo.

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Ron’s programs are free, entertaining and informative.
They are supported by Semiahmoo Resort. Come from 7-9 PM Wed night in the Discovery Theater at Semiahmoo.

          Your host is the former syndicated entertainment columnist and author who spent several decades covering movies and television for the Knight-Ridder News Syndicate and national magazines like TV Guide.

          The program takes place in the refurbished Discovery Theater with a large screen, stereo sound and comfortable reclining seats. Free refreshments will be provided by the resort management.

Oct. 9: Great Stars with Great Directors–Scenes from films with stars who worked with favorite directors frequently, i.e. James Stewart with Frank Capra, Alfred Hitchcock and Anthony Mann; Robert De Hiro with Martin Scorsese; Katharine Hepburn with George Cukor; Humphrey Bogart with John Huston.

October Programs

Oct. 16: Movie Stars as Movie Directors–A special selection of famous actors who never won an Academy Award for their acting, but did so when they turned to directing, i.e. Robert Redford, Richard Attenborough, Clint Eastwood, Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson.

Oct. 23: Our Night of Guilty Pleasures: Favorite movie scenes that audience members have selected in a poll of our regular attendees.

Oct. 30: Our annual Pre-Halloween Show this year puts the focus on comedians who made fun of horrifying situations, i.e. Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein; Bob Hope in Ghost Breakers; Jerry Lewis is The Nutty Professor; and such schlocky classics as Bela Lugosi Meets A Brooklyn Gorilla, Zombies on Broadway, and such classics as The Ghost Goes West and Beetlejuice.

          There is no admission charge, but seating is limited, so plan to arrive before the 7 P.M. start of the evening’s program.

Patricia and I will meet friends at the Packers for dinner. Feel free to join us.
Patrick Alesse

Let Micah Mullen Who is the Rooms Divison Manager at Semiahmoo Resort know what you think about Ron Miller presenting Movie Magic at Semiahmoo.
e-mail Micah Mullen at

Come to the Semiahmoo Hotel. Have dinner then spend the evening with Ron Miller and his wife. Ron will step you back in history. You will witness some film clips that have made a difference in our lives.

You are invited to share some movies that have influenced you by posting them at the bottom of this page.

3 thoughts on “Movie Magic at Blaine and Birch Bay

  1. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Gone with the Wind,

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  2. My Dad liked to say, “In like Flin.” when he had succeeded in driving a nail into wood. He also used it when he was setting a screw in a cablet. Thanks to Ron I now know what he was talking about.


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