Birch Bay Historical Society

Bea Ball Founder

Katy showing her display at the Blaine event.

If you get a chance to read the article posted the bottom of he blog. You will find it gives some interesting insights to Columbus Day.

How does this look for a sticker that can go a a family’s historic objects that they want to keep track of?

This object has historic significance for:
Our family, Blaine, Birch Bay, Whatcom County, US
This removable sticker was placed here by_________
(more info.)

Bring any ideas you have. I have an idea for fund raising.
Our goal is to put the Birch Bay Historical Society together. Bring your stories. Bring your photos. Bring your desires. We will see what the possibilities are.

If you hope to attend, give Bea a call at 206-660-7161, or give Pat a call at 360-371-2070 or 360-223-6571.

We are interested in discovering the history of Birch Bay and it’s surrounding area. We are interested in preserving it and introducing it to others. If you wish to join us in this endeavor, just sign up at the bottom of this page with your name and e-mail. We are starting out with two members, Bea Ball and Patrick Alesse.

Current Members (no particular order)
Jerry Stege
Arne Cleveland 360-371-2709
Bea Ball 206-660-7161
Gene Quin
Roselyn Gosch 360-720142
Kathy Mc Deritt 360-746-1446
Wendy White
Dan During 360-927-2142
Patrick Alesse 360-371-2070
Kathy Cleveland
Richard Freeman 360-305-2761
Jim Zell 360-239-1028, 332-3402, 360
Carol Richard 206-795-3289
Carol 425-327-7252 has dog
Jack Lauman 371-7277
Jim Cheatle 206-465-9516
Tom Richard 206-799-2712
Kelly Blaksly 4653 Guidemaridian Bellingham 98236 360-296-1805
Wane Diaz 369-223-2726
Connie Taylor 360-927-6624
Jeff Grimes 360-920-0004
Ken Koch 805-794-8665
Bruce Langley

Online Resources
The free online encyclopedia of Washington state history

Birch Bay Post Office opens on February 24, 1881. – –

4 thoughts on “Birch Bay Historical Society

  1. This is wonderful! I was visiting Chelan a few weeks ago and found a flyer for their Historical Society and thought, OMG, we need one of those. Thank you for taking this on.
    I ordered my copies of “Shintaffer Road” Vol 1 and 2. I bet there will be some good contributions from that.
    Sign me up!


  2. Do you wonder about Columbus Day? I found this really good.


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