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(Pod from Seattle)
Birch Bay Library,Birch Bay School, City of Birch Bay, 
Birch Bay Post Office,   
Express You View on the Above
Getting Things Done at Birch Bay (Photo fore Fun) (Thanks Kelvan)


Birch Bay History


Click to get some information on the Birch Bay Historical Society.


Great Sourdough Bread

Ann & Mark Johnson are baking sourdough bread in Blaine. It is very good. To order it by text Anna at 360-296-2538. If you missed the article in The Northern Light here it is.





Old Time Movie Magic

On Wednesday at 7PM you may wish come to the Semiahmoo little theater to enjoy Ron Miller’s stories of stars. Check out this weeks movie clips here.


The Sasquatches are Back
and still around

“The sources tell us that Sasquatches like the winter tides best because the lowest tides are at night and they can’t be detected on the beach in the darkness.” The Sasquatch Research Team has reported that Sally and Beau will adjust to this temporary berm building situation perhaps more than their human counterparts. The UPDATE hear is Sally and Beau are still here and it is past Valentines Day. They are usually gone by now. The Sasquatch team thinks that Sally is happy to see all the activity going on at the beach during the night. Read more about about Sally and Beau here.


Scampi Osteria

This newest restaurant to Birch Bay Is open Thursdays through Sunday from 5:00 to 9:00. Scampi Osteria is located on Alderson Road next to The C Shop. Giovanni has created many outstanding Italian recipes served at Scampi. They are homemade daily including focaccia bread, lasagna, ragu, and delicious made from scratch sauces. You may also enjoy their fine wines or mixed beverages from the restaurant’s full bar which is cozy and warm. Scampi Osteria will provide a delightful meal for you alone or for your whole family.
It is best if you call Devon at 1-360-393-4415 for a reservation.

Read more about Scampi Osteria.



Berm Construction Underway

The construction appears to be going well. Granet was responsive to the one request I made of them. You can learn more about them from their website.
Construction Schedule: Beginan December 9th at the southerly limits of the project, near Lora Lane, the contractor will be installing erosion control best management practices and mobilizing equipment to the project site. The contractor anticipates importing 80,00 tones to the project sight January 6, 2020, to February 15, 2020, which will complete the berm construction from Lora Lane to the Bay Breeze Restaurant. This work will largely take place between the hours of 10 pm to due to the winter tidal cycle. This look-ahead schedule in the subject to change and will be updated to reflect any changes.
Traffic Impacts: Initial-traffic impacts in the mouth of December are likely to be minimal. Traffic impacts will increase beginning in January between the hours of 10 pm to 8:00 am. These impacts will be single lane closure and/or flagging for truck traffic importing beach gravel to the site.
You may find what is planned for a famous for this famous Hawaiian beach interesting.

Construction Schedule:

Birch Bay Drive Project Update 2/7/2020

(2/10-2/14) work is scheduled from 7a to 5p.

The Contractor will be working only Monday and Tuesday. The work will involve excavation of 400′ of stormwater swale south of the Bay Breeze restaurant, as well as log placement on the beach. In addition, there might be some night work Monday evening 2/10, for a stormwater outfall installation just south of the restaurant. All work will be occurring mainly in the waterward shoulder of Birch Bay Drive and the beach.

All work is subject to change due to the cycles of the low tides, and as such, the schedule is subject to frequent change.

Traffic Impacts:  Traffic impacts for the first two weeks of February are likely to include some shoulder closures. Wait times for lane closures should be less than 5 minutes.

Project Summary

The project purpose is to restore the natural shoreline, protect the roadway from storm damage, and support pedestrian safety with a separated berm that runs from the mouth of Terrell Creek (Lora Lane) to Cedar Avenue approximately 1.58 miles in length along the beach. The project will be constructed over two seasons concluding in April 2021.



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