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Fur Babies Out of Control! Here's How to Manage Multiple Dogs ...
This is a quote from some kid. “Dogs a some of the best people I know. ON THE OTHER HAND, SOME OF THE PEOPLE I KNOW ARE DOGS.”

Has Birch Bay Gone To The Dogs?
You bet it has.
Add your dog’s story at the bottom of this page.

A Birch Bay Dog is missing in Marysville here is an article about him.
Family searches daily, hires tracker for Marysville dachshund Tater Tot
People at Birch Bay value their dogs a lot.


Discission: Why do People Give their Pets the names they Do?


This dog is the mayor of Birch Bay


Why Pet Pigs Are More like Wolves Than Dogs

By Jason G. Goldman on September 14, 2020

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A Dog Will Help You Raise Your Child.


Learn hidden backstories behind the region’s most interesting treasures and discover why they’re still relevant today.


Enjoy this podcast. You will learn about two types of local dogs the early native had as well Seaman and a famous movie dog.


Image result for amherst media book on dog photography


Free Ad, not a Free Book.

What makes dogs so special? Science says love

by Issam Ahmed

Dog Whisperings

The dogs around Birch Bay are whispering to protect the privacy of their good human buddy and photographer. They know their buddy snuck off to photograph dogs at a big dog show.

Dog Tails


At age 8 my first dog was half coyote/half collie called Rex. he would wait for me after school even in 30 F. below zero. On occasion, he would zip away for 3 or 4 days even in winter. I would always worry about him, but my dad said he was just out poon/tagin looking for girlfriends. Rex always came back-looking ragged after running around with those wild girls. James

A Dogs Life

I met a man the other day. He was grinding the floor of a new photography studio going in near to us. He had brought his dog to his job site. I was so impressed with the dog. He was so friendly and outgoing. The man told me he take the dog with him to all his jobs. “You know,” said the man, ” Dogs only live about ten years. So, you are all of a dog’s life. It is important to treat them right.” Then I was so impressed with the man that I asked for his business card. “I don’t use them,” was his reply. “It’s all word of mouth.”

Dogs and Wolves learn to cooperate with humans. Just in different ways.

Your dog deserves a vacation too. Make sure your and your dog’s vacation is more fun by coming to Birch Bay, Washington. There are miles of walking areas alongside the beach at Birch Bay. Birch Bay has businesses that are willing to treat your pooch with a bone biscuit or a drink of water. Some accommodations will allow your pooch to stay with you.  Some of you will have to settle for staying at a condo or cottage while your pooch stays at a palace.

Bring Your PoochTimber Lane Cottage
Call 1604-224-5824
Parker Newman Grove Cabin Rentals
8076 Birch Bay Dr
Birch Bay, WA 98230 
7451 Birch Bay Drive
Carrington Bay Cottage
5078 Fern Street
360-371-7643 or 927-9393
Links to Other Rentals
Other services for 
dog owners
Dirty Dog Wash
7868 Birch Bay Drive   
(360) 371-8874
Birch Point Dog & Cat Clinic
1733 H Street Blaine Wa.
Lupitas  Upscale Puppy
8365 Kickerville Road
Bow Wow & Woofs,
Up Scale Dog Accessories 
Near exit 266
Pooch Palace
Doggy Day Care,
Dog Grooming,
Dog & Cat Boarding

There are 8 Mutt Mitt Stations along Birch Bay. Grab a mitt and pocket it. When your dog is ready, you’re ready. Dump it when you pass a station.

Birch Bay Dogs
Birch Bay Dogs are a proud lot. They are pointers, setters, and support dogs and they all have taught their owners to be retrievers. They have done this by giving their masters a minimum ofQ you find hardly any dog poop, it is because their people companions scoop. If you are new to Birch Bay with your dog, visit a doggie doo station and get a couple of doggie doo bags for your pocket, so when your doggie does, you’re ready.

Book on Photographing Dogs
The Following is from The Northern Light (local paper)
Pet Care and Health Special Section- How much does your pet really cost-
Pet Care and Health Special Section- Keeping your pet healthy this summer
Pet Care and Health Special Section- how to travel with your pet

5 thoughts on “Birch Bay Dog Blog

  1. There is mention of a Dog Park in Birch Bay but no info on the location. Where is it?


    1. Hi Laura, It is the future park area on Birch Bay Drive near the future library. It is fenced in and has been used as a off leash area.


  2. Is it true that Odyss T Basset is the mayor of Birch Bay? He knows everyone!


  3. Yes Jeff , that is his honor, the mayor.


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