At Home In Birch Bay

This page is for anyone who has a home at Birch Bay. Hopefully, it will help you find the resources that will improve life at Birch Bay. (Add to your smartphone home screen.)

Birch Bay WeatherToday’s
Tides for Birch Bay
Sunset Time
Whatcom County
Roads, Police, Building Permits, Local Laws
Blaine School DistrictBirch Bay Water & Sewer District
Blaine, Birch Bay Park and Recreation District
Fire 4 (21) District
the area north of Grandview
Fire 7 District
the area south of Grandview
Business Phone NumbersShopping and DiningWTA Bus Schedule
Kiddle for KidsWaze
for driving anywhere
Air Quality
& Churches
Tips for Biking, Hiking & Driving
Along Birch Bay Drive

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