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Many of the small business of Birch Bay could operate the year around if they had the costumers. Some were designed Just to operate during the summer season but they are rather a substantial investments for their owners. They all appropriate your support through your purchases at their business at Birch Bay.

Starvin Sam’s Gas   360-371-7300
Toad’s Chevron   360-371-5938
Water Slides    360-371-7500
Miniature World   360-371-7700
Birch Bay Family Medicine   360-371-5855
COAST  Physical Therapy   360-371-3888
La Petite Mobilite Beauty Salon 360-371-7852
Bay Center Market   360-371-7233
Birch Bay Teriyaki & Chinese Café   360-371-7499
Visitor’s Center   360-371-5004
C. J.’s Beach House   360-746-8775
Boardwalk & The Beach 360-306-3597
Shores Restaurant    360-371-3460
Birch Bay Liquor & Wine   360-371-7018
Canine Devine   360-392-8465
Essence Spa   360-371-5160
Fringe Benefits   360-594-2306
Birch Bay Cafe   360-371-5409
Hidden Treasures 406-546-4738
The C Shop 360-371-2070
Beach Shack Gift Shop 360-371-3174
Jay Tyrrell Studio
Kate’s Corner 360-305-0230
Escape Day Spa 360-389-8529    

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