Bikers and Hikers along Birch Bay Drive

Your Right of Way 
Along the Bay

Look: A transportation survey for EVERY Washingtonian 

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is updating its Active Transportation Plan – but first, they want to hear from you. Survey results will inform the plan by helping WSDOT understand who, how, why and when people walk, bike and roll, and how that would change if we had safer sidewalks, bikeways, trails and walking paths. 

Take the Survey now (In English – more languages coming soon.)

What draws you to Birch Bay Drive?

Give your input on Biking and Hiking along Birch Bay Drive. What can we do to make it better? Give your input so your neighbor can see what you write and respond to it. Your responses will be brought to Whatcom County’s Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee. Give your thoughts at the bottom of this page.

What Draws People to a Park?
80% of the time it is for a walk.

This is a long article from Brookings. Any time you spend reading it is worth while.

Good Video By Birmingham

This is what Bellingham is doing for bikers and pedestrians.
In Bellingham far more people get around in cars than walking or biking.
68 percent drove to work, 10 percent of commuters car-pooled, 8 percent walked, 3 percent biked, 5 percent took the bus and 6 percent worked from home.

There is a (likely apocryphal) story about Dwight Eisenhower who, while president of Columbia University, had a solution to this problem. He recommended that rather than pour sidewalks when new buildings were built, the school should just plant grass and after the students have worn trails in the grass, put the sidewalks there. Read the full article.

This is a link to a wider area for pedestrians and bikes in Whatcom County.

You may make recommendations to the Bicycle/Pedestrian Committee. Send it to and I will forward it to the committee chair.

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