Birch Bay Memories

Go to the bottom of this blog and post any memory you would like to have posted.

Ed O'Brien 
Your history picture of Barb & Ernie's store stormed my memory! KNEW THEM VERY WELL!! Every summer in the 60's my folks would rent a cabin from them. SO MUCH FUN!! My late wife first visited BB with me in 1967. In May 1968 we married and spent our honeymoon there (always the Adventurer Cabin) August 1996 we rode our Gold Wing from the State Park to Blaine.....shared many wonderful memories and noted how much BB had changed. In August 1997 I lost my Woodburn, Oregon....our beloved Gold Wing got T-Boned. Maybe, someday, I will bring my current wife to BB.......and share fond memories with her!! Ed

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