History and Mystery of Blaine & Birch Bay with Tails and Taller Tails.

If you have an old story to tell about Birch Bay Write it or past it at the bottom of this page.

Key H History, M Mystery, T Tale, TT Tall Tale,

H Ice Age
H Ice Melt


H Semiahmoo People, H Semiahoo People, Semiahmoo People
Nooksack People
Lummi People
H Haida People

European Explorers
Spanish, H Spanish

H Blaine     P Lighthouse,     P Fishing Fleet,      Wooden Nickel,     P Blaine Hi School,       P Washington Avenue,
H Semiahmoo    
Alaska Packers Association Cannery Museum
California Creek
H Birch Bay    
Post Office,     Air Force Station,     Air Force Station 2,     Birch Bay – General History,   General History from the Chamber
( Some of the General History links are not working at this time.)
P Roller Rink 1946,     P Halverson’s  Sea Shore Inn,      P Birch Bay Golf Resort,     P Shore Acres Resort,     P Shore Acres,    P Shore Acres Cottages,    P The Winner” (Sand Castle),     
P Key’s Place,     P Key’s Pavilion,     P Carnival-Alderson’s Resort-Bath House,     P Birch Bay Carnival,    P Key’s Place 1888 (Now The C Shop), History of The C Shop

Point White Horn
H Present Valley
H History of Birch Bay Water Sewer District

M Emma Burg
Mysterious Red Dot
M Hidden Bomb Shelter
M Why Birch Bay Sunsets are so GREAT. (I will probably never attempted to answer this one for you. It’s OK Not to have an answer to every question.

T Swallow Bridge
T Sasquatch
TT The Great Grey Heron
TT Sally Sasquatch
TT Sam & Samantha Clam

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