We Can Do It!

Yes, We Can.
Revised – May Be – We Can

We Can Do It!

Yes, We Can.
Revised – May Be – We Can

Great Video on How Rosie Came to Be
Perhaps I should say, may we could have.

The 1918 flu pandemic had a devastating third year. Here’s what we can learn.


Omicron has a new tactic, It is more likely to survive because it preserves the infrastructure of the person island it is invading. After all, why kill the host once you have gotten in the door? Stick around for a while be nice probably you will drop in and pay a visit next year. The “Fifth Estate” has assisted Covids advancement. by allowing it time to reassemble its troops.

My mother was one of the Rosie the Riveter Girls. She built Bell P-39-Airacobras. We were fighting our way out of the Great Depression and into World War 2. My brother, Tom, was in the Army Air Corps as a flight engineer. He could not tell my parents where he was located. But my mother figured out where he was through reading books. She actually placed him within three miles of where he was stationed in Burma. He hardly talked about it when he got home but this is where he was.

Conspiracy Theories Thrive in the Covid Environment
This is the Summary
Read the article click here.

Conspiracy theories are a human reaction to confusing times. “We’re all just trying to understand the world and what’s happening in it,” says Rob Brotherton, a psychologist at Barnard College and author of Suspicious Minds: Why We Believe in Conspiracy Theories (Bloomsbury Sigma, 2015). But real harm can come from such thinking, especially when believers engage in violence as a show of support. By looking out for suspicious signatures and asking thoughtful questions about the stories we encounter, it is still possible to separate truth from lies. It may not always be an easy task, but it is a crucial one for all of us.


Maurice Hilleman isn’t a household name, but he has saved untold millions of lives (article)

This Montana farm boy became a scientific legend, developing vaccines to protect kids worldwide
Maurice Hilleman isn’t a household name, but he has saved untold millions of lives
YouTube Video
We did it before and we will do it again YouTube 1941
Song from WW2
Today we are working hard to build a new vaccine to fight Covid 19.

Mask Up!

Yes, mask up. It is our bodies that COVID19 is invading. And we need to do what we can to blunt the invasion. We are doing this, not just for ourselves but for everyone, family or not. We all do owe a debt of gratitude to those in the trenches, the health care workers. We can’t thank them enough or support them enough. The enemy jumps from battlefield to battlefield. The enemy is COVID19. The battle fields are our bodies. That is why we must social distance especially with people who are not in our household. If you are infected and you infect one or two people the invasion continues. If you and everyone who is infected does not infect someone else, then the invasion stops. At that point we would have to wait for a few weeks for the invasion to die out. this won’t happen. This is why we must develop a way of making people immune to COVID19. Till then mask up.

It used to be that when a student told me that they were starting their summer vacation, I would reply to them, “Good! School will no longer hinder your education.” I would encourage them to keep learning, just learn what they want to learn. Now the challenge is much greater. Their learning may also much greater, it just may not be part of the school curriculum.
Here are two links to how to learn from home.

Advice on how to learn at home.

This article in the WSJ Will give you a since of what it is like to be on the front lines.

*The Economist a publication that I respect and have enjoyed for years is offering learning opportunities for families with children. This is a Link.

Most of us understand that maintaining routine during our days is good–even if it is as simple as brushing your teeth. doing the dishes or taking out the garbage.
Taking the dog or the kid out for a walk (getting in a 30 minute walk in each day) is good. We can do that and even socialize with people we meet at 6 or even 10 or 15 feet away. Thinking of socializing with people at a distance: why don’t you call that friend or relative that is halfway across the country?

Keep your sense of humor if you can. I often say that a sense of humor is the most important survival skill. I say it and I mean it. It isn’t just that humor is comic relief. Yes, it is comic relief. More importantly, I believe it helps reset our brain so we can think of new solutions to problems we face.

Another thing, help another person with a problem. It is better if it is a problem that you can actually help them with. It actually gets your mind off your problem. I was blown away with the movie, “Will You Be My Neighbor.” Every time Mr. Rogers helped someone he would ask for one thing, “Would you pray for me?” It would often be the only thing that person could do for Mr. Rogers, pray for him.


Family Fun

Sometimes you have to stand up and fight
You may surprise yourself.
Your may get in trouble.
It’s good trouble.

9 immersive museum exhibits you can visit from your couch Arts 

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