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First, the facts:
Right now we already pay 2.37% of our total property taxes for the rural Library District. That pays for books, staff, and the operation of the Whatcom county libraries. Our payment for that is 39 cents a 1,000 of assessed value. The 39 cents does not pay for the library structures themselves. Prop 2 will allow Birch Bay residents to pay up to 11 cents a thousand for 20 years to build a library here so we will have services like Whatcom county cities. Because Birch Bay will grow and its population will increase, the 11 cents per 1,000 will go down. Future growth will help pay for the library building.
Now the View:
Vote YES on Proposition 2022-2.


Just a short time left to pick up your calendar at Bay Center Market

Historical Society calendars are ready for pickup at Bay Center Market. It is easy to use a magnet to hold it on a refrigerator. The front indicates tides, holidays, and events at Birch Bay. The back shows the names and dates of the holidays, the names and sponsors of Birch Bay events, business phone numbers for Birch Bay, and a link to our web presence along with a plug for members’ books.


Great Gray Heron’s Decree for 2022

Your 20/20 vision that you should have acquired in 2020 should be “There is no easy button.” I used to tell my fledglings. KISS, “Keep it Simple Smarty.” I Don’t Mean KISS, “Keep it Simple Stupid.” Stupid sacrifices truth to achieve simplicity which leads to disaster. Too often some people creatures get freedom and liberty confused.

Read past decrees of the Great Gray Herron


Link to Birch Bay Library News Letter
Birch Bay library to appear on February ballots

Read the story in The Northern Light
Get ready to vote
My prediction is it will pass this time.


Vote for the Birch Bay Libary Failed
This map shows the area of the proposed library taxing district.
The assessed valuation of the LCFA area is $2,847,116,720.46. That is almost 3 billion dollars. For a comparison, Ferndale is 2 billion dollars.
The blue line is the proposed district. the number of yes voters of each precinct along with the percentage the yes voters represent from each area.

My View Updated 12/05
Just a few votes more would have passed the levy. Should the library vote come up again? Yes and soon. First, It will be easier to motivate people to vote enough to get the 40% to validate the election. Second as more people are exposed to the facts that the library makes sense for Birch Bay the more yes votes the measure will get to the supermajority of 60% needed to pass.
Granted: everyone just got their tax statements and they are jumpy about increasing property taxes. The vote on the fire district demonstrates that. It was 40% for and 60% against. While the fire district vote help the library initiative get to the 40% voter turnout to validate the election they did not necessarily help get the 60% yes votes needed to pass. Often people don’t vote on a particular issue because it involves something that increases taxes they will let people who are more concerned with taxes make the decision. Around 100 people who voted on other issues did not vote on the library issue, Several of them will vote yes now that they see the majority of voters are for the library issue, Furthermore, I predict that we will see taxpayers who can’t vote but who have a second home at Birch Bay and pay property taxes at Birch Bay will encourage their neighbors who can vote too for the library.

____New Almost Real Information____

The Sasquatches will return to Birch Bay during the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for signs of their return. Here is a link to more information on them along with a spot where you can report your findings. Sally & Beu Sasquatch Page

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Carol has an extra bedroom in her condo at Birch Bay. She needs to rent it out to help with the bills. You can call her at 1-425-327-7252. Talk to her or leave a message.

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Here are Some Simple Explanations on Viruses

Many people are acting out of confusion and fear.
These links may help clear up some confusion on this virus. They were written for children. They are simply written, but not simplistic

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Friends of The Birch Bay Library News Letter

“Behind every GREAT Community is a GREAT Library”

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If you missed it, read and follow the link. Listen to the song.

Near Odell Street Friday

Tragic Ending to a Courtship

This video may explain what the eagles were doing when they collided with electrically charged wires.
Watch the video.
Listen to “This is The End”

Watch the first video (You can skip part of the ad.)

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Great Sourdough Bread

Ann & Mark Johnson are baking sourdough bread in Blaine. It is very good. To order it by text Anna at 360-296-2538. 
If you missed the article in The Northern Light here it is.

Birch Bay WARM Annual Report Link

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I promised a friend in that I would give her a property tax comparison between Blaine and Birch Bay. Hopefully, It will be ready to publish in the next issue of Birch Bay News and Views. If you have any suggestions of what you would like covered in the report let Patrick know. Here is my email


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Thirds Time’s A Charm
Birch Bay’s Newest Business

Located in Terrell Creek Landing
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Lora and Dave have had recently started Birch Bay’s newest business. Thirds Times A Charm has something special for everyone. Patricia Alesse purchased a book for her son Keith, Which he will be delighted to get. Lora & Dave bring their four-year-old girls who pretest the toys.

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