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Better Together

The other day I headed out the Birch Bay Lynden Road. I came upon a crash, it just happened and other drivers responded immediately. Some people were helping the injured out of a car. Others were helping a child laying on the edge of the road. Other people were directing traffic around the crash. While I was stopped in traffic I called 911 for assistance, they were already on the way.
As I drove away from the scene I was amazed how well people were working together in the heat of the moment. It gave me a strong sense of relief to know that we the people could work so well together when faced with the threat to others.

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Vote in the Primary by Aug. 3

    When people vote they  become more committed to a cause. During the Corps of Discovery Expedition from 1804 to 1806, A woman, Sacagwea and York, a black slave got  to vote for a most important decision the Corps of Discovery had to face.
Be sure to vote in the primary 

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See the 2021 Sand Sculpture

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2021 Rollback Weekend Car Show Winners!

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All outdoor burning is prohibited during this ban, including yard debris fires, land clearing fires, and recreational fires.

See attachment above

Propane fire pits without solid wood burning material will still be allowed, along with propane BBQs.  The use of charcoal BBQ’s or charcoal fire pits is not allowed. Wood burning fire pits or similar enclosures with grates or screens are NOT considered barbecues and therefore are not allowed.

______________Old News________________

Whatcom County Climate Impact Advisory Committee

The Whatcom County Climate Impact Advisory Committee has prepared a draft Climate Action Plan, with recommendations to the Whatcom County Council and County Executive about how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and better adapt to the impacts of climate change, such as increased heat, summer drought, and winter and spring flooding. Unlike the County’s original climate action plan approved in 2007, this draft plan covers the natural environment as well as the built environment. Recommendations to protect fish and wildlife are among those included in the natural environment section of the draft.

The draft Climate Action Plan is now available for public review. Comments may be submitted in the following ways by July 30, 2021:

Committee Website:


Mail to:                 Whatcom County Public Works

                                ATTN: Chris Elder

                                322 North Commercial St.

                                Bellingham, WA 98226

For inquiries, call Chris Elder at: (360) 778-6225

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Guys that Know how to Enjoy Birch Bay
Take the dogs up the creek.

________________New News____________

Harbor Custom Development (link) has purchased 219 acres with wide waterfront views of Birch Bay and the Gulf Islands is likely to resume this year. The property was purchased for $14.3 million. It is likely that 270 high end homes will be built in the north end of Birch Bay.
Here is a link to a good article in the Northern Light about the development.

______Old News_________

The beach at  Birch Bay was recently restored at great price to protect Birch Bay Drive from flooding and erosion by winter storms and in the process created a pedestrian walkway to enjoy the scenery. 

THE BEACH IS NOT A PUBLIC PARK.   Public access is, for the most part, for the walkway itself, NOT the sand on either side.

Ignoring and/or tearing down orange fences and trampling native plantings will only cost you more in  property taxes to replace what you ruin and tear down.  

And finely,  PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT!
_____________Old News____________

Something Fun Starts This Saturday! Friends of the Birch Bay Library (FOBBL) is facilitating a fun event beginning Sat, June 26th going through July 4. To get a daily freebie from a participating business, you’ll have to have a library card, so this week is a good time to get one online at If you aren’t able to get one this week, that Saturday you’ll be able to get one at the Birch Bay Library. You’re going to be on the lookout for “Stripes!” Clues will be posted here and on NextDoor each day. Free daily prizes, but also grand prizes for everyone that takes a selfie with Stripes and posts it on NextDoor or the FOBBL Facebook page.

__________Past News______________
If you missed it, read and follow the link. Listen to the song.

Near Odell Street Friday

Tragic Ending to a Courtship

This video may explain what the eagles were doing when they collided with electrically charged wires.
Watch the video.
Listen to “This is The End”

Watch the first video (You can skip part of the ad.)

If there is an eagle’s nest near you and you have not seen the adults returning to it, that may be their nest. Their young may be in distress. You can call 360-966-8845 to report it.

________Up Date__________
Drayton Harbor No Shooting Zone
The County Council is still working on this.
There is a no shooting zone around most of Drayton Harbor now. Proposed action by the county council would extend that zone and make it a safe for all birds.
If you agree that it should be a no shooting zone, send the county council an email expressing your position. Even if you don’t agree, send a note. Here is a link for their e-mail.
_______What Do You Think?________

Should Drayton Harbor be a no shooting zone?
Click on your choice.

___________UP DATE__________

Look for the Border to Open July 21st.


Birch Bay Vogt Community Library Needs YOU!

You can be a Neighborhood Captain, sharing information with your friends and neighbors supporting the Library Capital Facilities Area (LCFA) campaign. Learn more about this opportunity at meetings on June 19 and June 26, 12 noon to 2:00 p.m., at the future library property, 7968 Birch Bay Drive. For questions or more information, contact Friends of Birch Bay Library at or 206-850-8590.


Link to Birch Bay WARM news letter
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Read Why a Library Will Benefit Birch Bay.


During World War 2 the Canadian border was also closed as it is today.
The resort owners at Birch Bay made a pitch to people in Seattle to come to Birch Bay. My pitch to anyone is: Walk the Promenade. Explore the tide flats at low tide. Beach comb the State Park. Do a sunset stroll.
Here is an article from the Bellingham Herald about closed borders.

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Great Sourdough Bread

Ann & Mark Johnson are baking sourdough bread in Blaine. It is very good. To order it by text Anna at 360-296-2538. 
If you missed the article in The Northern Light here it is.

Birch Bay WARM Annual Report Link

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Take your honey to dinner.
On , Thursday, Friday & Saturday
Call Scampi Osteria Restaurant
Give them your order & get your pickup time.
Some can come in and dine. (By appointment)
View their FaceBook Page
View the Menu Here.
For the Family.


____________Older News_____________

Meeting at the Peace Arch


Catch up on the latest news from North Whatcom Fire and Rescue.


 Catch up with the latest news of Friends of Birch Bay Library. 


Audio with questions on the berm.
Long but informative.


What else you child should know about Beverly Cleary.

But school was initially a struggle. In first grade, she recalled being part of the lowest reading group, the Blackbirds, and schemed of how she could drop out of school altogether. It wasn’t until third grade that she began to read confidently. Part of the issue, she repeatedly explained, was that the books available to her at the time didn’t exactly excite her.
Read the Article


We are lucky to be at Birch Bay.


I promist a friend in that I would give her a property tax comparison between Blaine and Birch Bay. Hopefully It will be ready to publish in the next issue of Birch Bay News and Views. If you have any suggestions of what you would like covered in the report let Patrick know. Here is my email


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Check out Birch Bay Newly upgraded
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She could upgrade yours
or build new for you.

Birch Bay in Travel News

This is a very good history of how the automobile took over streets. Think about Birch Bay Drive and Birch Bay side streets.

Friends of Birch Bay Library



Thirds Time’s A Charm
Birch Bay’s Newest Business

Located in Terrell Creek Landing
Phone 1-746-4466

Lora and Dave have had recently started Birch Bay’s newest business. Thirds Times A Charm has something special for everyone. Patricia Alesse purchased a book for her son Keith, Which he will be delighted to get. Lora & Dave bring their four-year-old girls who pretest the toys.

Click for more information on Third Time’s A Charm 



The Northern LightBellingham Herald BBWARM
Whatcom WatchFire 21
The Drive In IS Back

We Can Do It!
Yes We Can Visit this page.




Birch Bay Library News

Read the Birch Bay Library News


Click to get some information on the Birch Bay Historical Society.


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