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Proposed Birch Bay Vogt Community Library 

Join us this Thursday to hear updates and to ask questions about the proposed Birch Bay Vogt Community Library 
A library for the 8,000-plus year-round residents has been discussed for more than a decade. More than 80% of respondents to a community survey support the library, and residents guided the building design.

Join us this Thursday to learn more and to discover how you can support this exciting project! If you need help accessing the Zoom call, please contact the Birch  Bay Chamber of Commerce at (360) 371-5004. 

Here is the public link to Whatcom County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.
They can take public comment on the Birch Bay Promenade pedestrian and bicycle use.
This meeting starts at 5:45 on Wednesday. The first part of the meeting is for public comment.

See the berm discussion on Nextdoor.

Whatcom County Parks is moving forward with several improvements at Birch Bay Beach Park that should be completed in the Fall of this year
Read More Here.

This Earth Day! April 19th -25th!  

Join in the fun of Loving & Stewarding our Earth through a virtual beach cleanup event!
Click on the link and sign up.


Birch Bay WARM News Letter Link

Blaine School District

Our school board has the following two positions open for election on November 2, 2021.

These open board positions are four-year terms expiring in 2025. Any potential candidate must be a registered voter residing inside the boundaries of the represented Director District. Links to the Director District boundary maps are provided above, as well as on our Board of Directors webpage. The Whatcom County Auditor’s Office can also verify a voter’s Director District (360-778-5102).

The election is managed by the Whatcom County Auditor’s Election Division, and the filing period for these open positions is May 17-21. Complete instructions on filing can be found at the Auditor’s Candidate Resources webpage.

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Take Dinner to Your Honey.
On , Thursday, Friday & Saturday
Call Scampi Osteria Restaurant
Give them your order & get your pickup time.
Some can come in and dine. (By appointment)
View their FaceBook Page
View the Menu Here.
For the Family.


A Gray Whale is at play in Birch Bay.
View video of last years visit.
They come in and disturb the sand so they can feed on the shrimp.


Blaine School District has a COVID-19 DATA DASHBOARD.
Try it out.
Transportation Survey

The Council of Governments has put together a transportation survey that includes questions about all modes you may use as well as areas you find challenging to access (county-widle). Please consider sharing your feedback, and share the link with your friends.

Whatcom County Council of Governments Transportation Survey

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Great Sourdough Bread

Ann & Mark Johnson are baking sourdough bread in Blaine. It is very good. To order it by text Anna at 360-296-2538. If you missed the article in The Northern Light here it is.

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Meeting at the Peace Arch


Catch up on the latest news from North Whatcom Fire and Rescue.


 Catch up with the latest news of Friends of Birch Bay Library. 


Audio with questions on the berm.
Long but informative.


What else you child should know about Beverly Cleary.

But school was initially a struggle. In first grade, she recalled being part of the lowest reading group, the Blackbirds, and schemed of how she could drop out of school altogether. It wasn’t until third grade that she began to read confidently. Part of the issue, she repeatedly explained, was that the books available to her at the time didn’t exactly excite her.
Read the Article


Whatcom County Parks Survey

Survey Link:
For more information:


We are lucky to be at Birch Bay.


The 25 Best Children’s Books of 2020


Dan Long Geologist take you on a tour of the Birch Bay Berm.
Frends of Birch Bay Libary
Currebt Newsletter

Birch Bay Watershed & Aquatic Resources Management District
Read BBWARN Newsletter

I promist a friend in that I would give her a property tax comparison between Blaine and Birch Bay. Hopefully It will be ready to publish in the next issue of Birch Bay News and Views. If you have any suggestions of what you would like covered in the report let Patrick know. Here is my email


Birch Bay Village Logo-390-2
Check out Birch Bay Newly upgraded
Ruth Lowman
is upgrading this website.
She could upgrade yours
or build new for you.



Birch Bay in Travel News

This is a very good history of how the automobile took over streets. Think about Birch Bay Drive and Birch Bay side streets.

Friends of Birch Bay Library


We Can Do it!
I did this page in March. I saw what we were facing was somewhat like we faced in WW2. The confusion and fear that people in my neighborhood expressed at the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

What are new home buyers looking for?
They want what we want.

Thirds Time’s A Charm
Birch Bay’s Newest Business

Located in Terrell Creek Landing
Phone 1-746-4466

Lora and Dave have had recently started Birch Bay’s newest business. Thirds Times A Charm has something special for everyone. Patricia Alesse purchased a book for her son Keith, Which he will be delighted to get. Lora & Dave bring their four-year-old girls who pretest the toys.

Click for more information on Third Time’s A Charm 




 Natural Capital at Birch Bay Natural Capital: Birch Bay has a lot of it, but what is it? We walk along Birch Bay Drive and breathe the fresh air, we see the birds and the trees, we enjoy the sunsets and we marvel at the coming and going of the tides. We marvel at the coming and going of all that surrounds us. We see a guy picking up his dog’s poop and we know he values our natural capital. We see a jogger; we have seen her before, as a little girl at Birch Bay. Now as an adult she stoops to pick up a piece of discarded litter and drop it in a receptacle near the beach. Where did she get the idea to do this? Was it from a lady that walked up and down Birch Bay Drive who used to pick up litter along the beach when the jogger was a child at Birch Bay? Hopefully, we take care of things the best we can and pass it along as well as the responsibilities for taking care of it.  
We pay taxes and fees to maintain our natural capital and we pay to improve our access to it. We use our natural capital, and as long as we use it and don’t abuse it, it is ours forever. 
We could lose it. We could trade it for jobs, or we could lose it to improper development that does not enhance natural capital, but rather uses it up.

The Northern LightBellingham Herald BBWARM
Whatcom WatchFire 21
The Drive In IS Back


Need stuff to keep the kids productive? Do you have access to a printer? This will help.





That’s because the virus that causes COVID-19 spreads easily by respiratory droplets.  Given the way it is spread, there are only a few things that can slow it:

  • Physical distancing – staying at least six feet away from others;
  • Isolating and quarantining people who are sick or were in close contact with people who were sick;
  • Washing hands frequently and avoiding touching one’s face;
  • Frequently sanitizing surfaces and objects that others touch; and
  • When in shared or public spaces, wearing a face covering. 


We Can Do It!
Yes We Can Visit this page.




Birch Bay Library News

Read the Birch Bay Library News




Click to get some information on the Birch Bay Historical Society.



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