Try our new Bern Walk. It is over one mile long and is elevated. It gives you a good view of everything around you.

Beach Walking and Beach Combing along the beach.

Sunset Strolls are always popular. There are a lot of reasons why the sun sets at Birch Bay are so gorgeous. It is fun to think about why they are fantastic. If I or someone told you one or two reasons why they are so striking you then might think you know why. Some things are meant to be at least partial mysteries.

A pattern that has evolved is friends will drive their cars to Birch Bay and park them then take a walk together.

Warmer weather will bring Kayakers and Paddle Boarders. Then swimmers will show up as the weather gets warmer.

People will study the time, tide, and sun. They come to the conclusion that the best days at Birch Bay for beach fun are sunny days when the tide is low during the first part of the day and high later in the day.

If you like wildlife you may want to keep this link in mind. Here is a link to Birch Bay Nature Study Page. Here is a video that will introduce you to a few of our local birds.

You could join them and take up painting rocks.

You have found an interesting painted rock around the bay. Here is a link to Blaine Birch Bay Rocks.

Birch Bay Swim Boards and Kayaks,
The Water Slides,
Go Car Track and Mini Golf

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