Sasquatch at Birch Bay

At Birch Bay? You may enter your experiences with Sasquatch on this page.

Sasquatches at Birch Bay this last winter

A Reporter from High Country News tells about Saskehavas (Salish name for Sasquatch.) 

Sasquatch Sticker

This is one of out top Sasquatch Research Team members. She is examining an artifact for authenticity.

The Sasquatch Research Team has reported a interesting observation on the sasquatches they are usually go back to the mountains by Valentines day. Sally and Beau are still at Birch Bay. The Team is looking in this mystery.

The Sasquatches come back to Birch Bay every winter to dig for clams and even oysters. They have a hidden bed of oysters at Birch Bay. Sometimes Sally will hide hidden shells around Birch Bay for people to find and take home. Sally and Beau like the winter tide the best because no one bothered them on the beach at night.   During the day they hang out in the heron’s rookery. They used to be a problem for the Great Gray Heron because the Sasquatches would disrupt the Herron’s afternoon nap. But now that Sally and Beau have taken up reading they spent a quiet afternoon reading. The local library has picked up on this fact and they are using the sasquatches to promote books.

Beau carrying his stash of books from the bookmobile. It has been reported the librarian hids the books and Beau picks them at night.
Beau nibbles on Sweet Hazel from the Pacific Northwest.

Beau can sometimes become boyishness. To get him under control, Sally offers him a small bag of confections made by Pat. It is Highland Chocolate and Low Land Hazel Nuts. Pat calls them “Sweet Hazel” a girl from the pacific northwest.

Jackie and Steven Rushing for the Acme General Store examine sea shells that a Sasquatch traded with them in for necessities at the Acme General Store during March. The Acme General Store carries all the necessities of life for this small community.
This is evidence that the Sasquatch was Sally or Beau.

This is hard to believe, it has been reported by highly unreliable sources that Sasquatch has come down from Mt. Baker for winter clamming. The sources tell us that the Sasquatch likes the winter tides best because the lowest tides are at night and he can’t be detected on the beach in the darkness. Traces of his footprints may be found along the shoreline very early in the morning after very low tide. It is still a mystery where he holds up during the daytime. One source claims that Sasquatch holds up in a Blue Herons nesting area. Keep a lookout for grumpy Blue Herons.
The Fish and Wild Life Service have been questioned about this. The only comment on this they would give is if this is true and he comes to Birch koi Bay for his clams that they are sure Sasquatch would have “aboriginal rights.”
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A few short years ago The Great Gray Heron reported:
I have been grumpy. My winters rest has been disrupted. Two hairy beasts have been hiding in my rookery during the day so they could go clamming during the low tides at night. The only benefit to us herons is we get extra clams that the Sasquatches share with us. Sally Sasquatch is very affectionate. She is so grateful to be at Birch Bay, she keeps trying to Smooch the herons. Be careful! She may run around and try to Smack some people too. Can you imagine going beak to cheek with a hairy thing like that? They have promised to be gone by Valentine’s day. Sally wants to spend a romantic time with her guy in the foothills. 

Suddenly there he was. My camera failed, but his image was burned into my memory…I can’t forget.  The is how he looked in the light of early morning. mo I’m
I have to say the sounds HE made the night before still ring in my 
This could be Sally Sasquatch in an evening hangout in Birch Bay. Apparently, she is drinking clam juice.

Sally Sasquatch has been said to be quite social. There are reports that she likes to hang out a human gathering.  She will often drink coffee or even fruity drinks at bars. She always wears gloves, a scarf around her neck and over her mouth, and a hat even when she is indoors. But her sunglasses are a dead give away. You need to be warned, don’t offer to buy her a drink at a bar. Beau is probably hanging around in the dark outside the building.

Sasquatches in Blaine
Late one night a member of our research team reported discovering two Sasquatches in the city of Blaine as it turned out, they are metal sculptures.
The Birch Bay Cafe Crew working on the new Finding Sasquatch Game

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