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Smallpox epidemic ravages Native Americans on the northwest coast of North America in the 1770s.

Very interesting.  Thank you for passing this along.   Great,  but sad, reading.   Don’t think any of this is in the history books the kids have in school.   Actually,  not sure much of anything is in the history books that means anything anymore.  Sad.   Kathy Renskers 

A gruesome history.  Unfortunately, we in 2020 can relate to such stories. 
 In 2007 we sailed to Haidi Guwaii.  Following the directions of a local resident, in the forest up the hill from his house we came across a mostly finished dug-out canoe.  For all the hard work that apparently was abruptly just left unfinished, we assumed the workers succumbed to small pox before they could complete their work and launch her.   As I recall there were two waves of disease that wiped out most all of the Indians on these islands.  The most recent wave would have made the canoe about 80 years old before we hiked up to find it.   Thanks for sending this. Trini and Jerry

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