Whatcom County Parks is moving forward with several improvements at Birch Bay Beach Park that should be completed in the Fall of this year, however permitting can be a bit of an unknown, and this particular site has some complications that we’ll have to sort through.  With that, here’s what I hope to accomplish in this improvement effort.

 Phase 1 – Replace the deteriorating chain link fence along the park frontage.  The new barrier is constructed from cedar poles (12-15 inches in dia.) and pre-cast concrete block pilasters.  We’re also removing two abandoned utility poles, and removing several (many) concrete footings that are remnants from the Edgewater Resort.  Last, we’ll be installing a Park Rules sign.  This work will be done under a Shoreline Exemption permit, and requisite permits from Dept. of Archaeology & Historic Preservation.  Target completion date is mid-July (pending permit approval).

 Phase 2 – Remove the existing asphalt loop roads, import topsoil, and renovate/reseed the lawn areas.  Construct a new concrete landing at the park entrance.  This landing will be in line with the concrete landing on the “berm” side Birch Bay Drive, and will allow safe pedestrian access into and out of the park.  On the landing there will be a park identification sign, that will be similar in appearance to the new sign that was installed at the Lummi Overlook.  Lastly, we’ll be installing a planting strip along the north and south property lines to buffer the park from the residential properties that border the park. This work requires a “Shoreline Substantial Development Permit” which can include a rather lengthy review period, generally 3 to 6 months depending on complexity/sensitivity of the site and associated development impacts.  Target completion date mid-October (pending permit approval).

With the completion of Phase 2, our work will be complete.  Improvements beyond those described here are unscheduled at this time.

Thank you Rob for this update,

Rod Lamb, PLA, LEEDqAP

Design & Development Supervisor

Whatcom County Parks & Recreation


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