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Pickett served in what became Whatcom county when it was still a territory. August 26, 1856 he arrived in Bellingham and left when the Civil War broke out in 1861.

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Pickett meet Morning Mist a Hida Native on Semiahmoo Spit. They married. Jamie was their only child. Moring Mist died early in the relationship.

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This is the Pickett House. It is the oldest standing structure in Bellingham. Pickett House Facts for Kids.
More on Pickett House, and More,

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Fort Bellingham Facts for Kids

This is fort Bellingham. It is showing standing on settlers homestead sight. The pregnant widow who was lived their was forced to leave when solders removed the roof of her cabin. Eventually she did get the land back when the fort was no longer needed at that location.

This block house was moved by Captain Roberts to San Juan Island during the Pig War. ( His name had nothing to do with Point Roberts but every thing to do with… Wow, Roberts Rules of Order.)

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Some people wish to take down any mention of Pickett. because he became a Confederate General. Many people wish to leave Pickett out as part of our history. We must learn form our past so we can build a better future for everyone.
History of Bellingham, Washington Facts for Kids (Being honost with kids.)

The Pig War. The only casualty was the pig.

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Morning Mist was Picketts second wife. His third wife he met after he resigned his commission in the US Army and joined the Confederate Army. She knew about Jamie. The way she would weave the story would go something like this. ‘ Your father was a great hero out west. One time he settled a dispute that involved Indians. One Chief was so grateful that he gave his son to your father. That is how he got Jamie.’ Picket son from this woman meets Jamie several years later. He was shocked. He knew he was meeting his brother.

You can learn more of her tails here.

Take a tour of Picket House Edradine Hovde, with the Daughters of the Pioneers of Washington, oversees a team of five volunteers that actively maintain the house and run tours.

Located at 910 Bancroft St in Bellingham, George E. Pickett House Museum is open for public tours on the second Sunday of each month from 1-4 p.m., and for private tours by request. Donations are gratefully accepted.

For information call (360) 733-5873
or email

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