Sally Sasquatch & Boe

Sally’s Inspired Confection

The Sasquatches come back to Birch Bay every winter to dig for clams and even oysters. They have a hidden bed of oysters at Birch Bay. Sometimes Sally will hide hidden shells around Birch Bay for people to find and take home. Sally and Beau like the winter tide the best because no one bothers them on the beach at night.   During the day they hang out in the heron’s rookery. They used to be a problem for the Great Gray Heron because the Sasquatches would disrupt the Heron’s afternoon nap. But now that Sally and Beau have taken up reading they spent a quiet afternoon reading. The local library has picked up on this fact and they are using the Sasquatches to promote books.

Beau can sometimes become boyishness. To get him under control, Sally offers him a small bag of confections made by Pat. It is Highland Chocolate and Low Land Hazel Nuts. Pat calls them “Sweet Hazel” a girl from the pacific northwest.
Mr. Pat said that Sally wanted to make the chocolates herself but she had trouble passing the food handlers perment. When she did try making Sweet Hazel at her abode but she keep loosing her temper. No not that kind of temper, Sally is actually very calm. It is the kind of temper is the temper of the chocolate she was working with. It is like metalergy as applied to a food product.

Beau carrying his stash of books from the bookmobile. It has been reported the librarian hids the books and Beau picks them at night.

Sally & Beau Return

This is hard to believe,
it has been reported by highly unreliable sources that Sasquatch has come down from Mt. Baker for winter clamming. The sources tell us that the Sasquatch likes the winter tides best because the lowest tides are at night and he if this is true and he comes to Birch Bay for his clams that they are sure Sasquatch would have “aboriginal rights.”
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