Stories from Our Youth

The Bragger:
Wow a flush toilet! We have our own flush toilet. My big brother Tom who recently returned home from World War 2 where he served in the Army Air Core, put it in the back room of our house he even put in a claw hammer bathtub. We would no longer have to take a bath in that galvanized wash tub. Dad would not have to take the stinking slop bucket out to dump it.
I had just had gotten home from a few weeks stay at my Grandmother’s in Attica. The new style plumbing came as a great surprise. Grandma had a modern bathroom so I knew how they worked. Now we had one a home. It was a sign of advancement for our family. For me it was an instant source of pride.
I ran across the street to tell our neighbors. “So what! That all we have ever had here.” they replied.
I went to the next house where two elderly women lived. They were present ladies who had a great big black and white cat.

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