Listen to the sound this Tsunami siren sounds. The Big Wave by Pearl S. Buck.

The Big Wave, Part 1 – YouTube The Big Wave, Part 2 – YouTube
  Read The Big Wave by Pearl S. Buck as a kid. A Japanese village of fisherman feared the sea so much they built all their doors and windows of their modest homes facing away from the sea. In this way, they didn’t need to feel anxious while indoors. But one day a tsunami slammed ashore and washed away most of the village. The survivors realized they should never have turned their backs on the danger. How better it would have been if they’d been willing to face the sea—and watch for any changes that could signal trouble. They must now forever confront their fears if they were to survive. And so they rebuilt, installing doors and windows facing what they feared the most. In this way, they’d have enough warning to seek higher ground on the hill behind their village. 
In Birch Bay we have a warning siren should a tsunami threaten. Unlike the Japanese of Pearl Buck’s bookwe don’t have to fear The Big Wave. The alarm will sound, giving us time to seek higher ground on the hill behind us. Three roads will lead us up: Harborview, Alderson, and Jackson. If you think about it our Tsunami siren and PearlnS Buck’s story of the The Big present an important idea.
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