History as if it meant something 

In June of 1792 at the age 36 Caption George Vancouver was discovered at Birch Bay by the Lummi, Nooksack and Semiahmoo local nations. The natives had become aware of another group in the area, the Spanish. The Spaniards and the British became aware of each other. This happened one night when the Spanish were sailing north from Sucia Island into Boundary Bay.  They saw the lights of the Discovery and the armed tender Chatham anchored in Birch Bay and the Spanish recorded the sighting in their log book. The British became aware of the Spanish because of the lights on the Spanish ships as they sailed north in the dark. The British recorded the sighting in their log book.
When the Spanish and the English finally met they decided to share information on the North West.

The sturdy ship Discovery ended her service as a coal ship on the Thames River in England. So why it is the Birch Bay Chamber celebrates Discovery Days in late August?

Link to George Vancouver
Submitted by Patrick Alesse

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