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—————– History—————–

A Link to Good Reads found on Presidents Day

—————– Fun—————–
Sasquatches Have left Birch Bay for the Hills

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The Sasquatches have left. They do this every year. They leave by Valentines Day.

It has been reported that the Sasquatches are back for there winter retreat at Birch Bay. Perhaps you are unaware that the low tides during the dark hours bring them back to Birch Bay at this time of the year. You can read more about Sally and Boo here.

————– History ————–
Sandcastles at Birch Bay

As I have said before, about 1971 or 72 Paul Gaudette (who had been doing sandcastle contests at Birch Bay for several years) handed the responsibility of organizing and conducting the sandcastle contests at Birch Bay over to me.
As I organized the sandcastle contests, they evolved. We did not have sand castle contests on weekends or holidays. Businesses were already busy and at capacity on these days. Having an event midweek encouraged people to come when it wasn’t so busy and made sense (& dollars) by boosting a mid-week gross. We did not choose the first place, second place, and third place castles. My argument was that you get mediocrity by choosing the first prize because then everyone copies it and that’s the mediocrity.
read more about early sandcastles at Birch Bay.

—————– Interest —————–
It Does Matter Who Said It.

“The value of an education in a liberal arts college,” said Albert Einstein, “is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks.”
Or, I might add, the internet. 

—————– News—————–
County to start work on Birch Bay Drive Soon.

We are all looking forward to the county trucks showing up and work on Birch Bay Drive from Harborview Road to the Cottonwood area.

—————– Interest —————–
It Doesn’t matter who said it. 

“If you don’t control growth, growth will control you.” 

—————– News —————–
The Liquor Store

The Liquor Store is open in a new location between C. J.s and The Beach

—————– Fun —————–
The Great Gray Heron 

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The Great Gray

When The Great Gray made his first Decree many years ago. (That was many years ago, the Gulf War brook lose and the U.S. invaded Iraq.) He is hopeful that again that he will place some of his Gray Rocks near or on the beach. You can read more about The Great Gray Heron here.

—————– Interest —————–
It does matter who said it, I just won’t tell you who.

“….elected officials do not have power. They hold power.” I assume it’s your power.

—————– Interest —————–
What are Parks For?

What Draws People to a Park?
80% of the time it is for a walk.

Birch Bay Drive is like a park.
Now I ask, what draws you to Birch Bay Drive?

—————– Interest —————–
It Doesn’t matter who said it. 

“You do what you can do when you can do it.”

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