St. Pat’s Day

We will celebrate all weekend long starting Friday.

Sorry we are hiding under a rock this year.

At Birch Bay:
We will fly Irish Flags
You can look for Green Rocks near Birch Bay Drive
& Enjoy the Eating and Drinking Establishments

Some of the food establishments will offer their version of Irish food and drinks and have coloring pages for children.

Listen to the Willoughby Brothers sing
Where the Blarney Roses Grow

Gold leaf has other uses. I use it to make St. Patrick’s Day Green Rocks for Birch Bay. I take painted green rocks place a bit of rubber cement on each one and past on some gold foil. It is so thin it almost floats in the air. To protect the gold leaf, I give the rocks a final spray with a clear lacquer. They become leprechaun Gold. 
It is important to spread some myths to go with them like the Leprechauns come to Birch Bay to hang out in the bars and plan St. Pat’s Day. They use their gold to pay for their drinks at the bars. They are drunk as they walk to their lodgings and drop some of their nuggets along the way.  It has been reported that the Washington State Liqueur control board is unhappy about this because the leprechauns nuggets are not recognized as legal tender for spirits. Furthermore, the leprechauns refuse to give their age, and some may be underage. 

3 thoughts on “St. Pat’s Day

  1. Was St. Patrick really a saint? Or was he a snake in the grass?


  2. What an absurd question! You must be a snake to ask!
    Kathy (Kathy has an Irish last name posted this. She just snatched my cell phone away from me and posted it.)


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