Coffee Above The C Shop

It will take close to two hours for me to drink this coffee. I will enjoy every sip. Their is a link on this page from a W. S. J. about coffee and clement change.
The Truth
The price of a good cup of coffee is going up.
because we are not paying all the costs of using oil. As a result we choose to use oil over other choices.
Go ahead drink it up. (It may make a bitter taste in your mouth.
I like cream in my coffee. I also like it black. If I can’t get really good coffee, I don’t drink any coffee.
Both coffee and chocolate are grown in Hawaii.
Chocolate made from coco beans grown in Hawaii and made into chocolate by
Guittard Chocolate Company. They are resting on fresh roasted Colombian Supremo. The plate is Daisy & Button.

Their are three really good thins for you. Coffee and chocolate are two of them. If you have those you can figure out the third one.

This time of year I grind my fresh roasted Colombian Supremo in my Dad’s old hand cranked coffee grinder. I grind just enough for I will make. What you see brewing here is one cup that I did in a coffee press. It make coffee that is pretty good.
I often use little on the stove top Italian espresso maker.


What Rising Temperatures Mean for Coffee-Bean Farmers

As rising temperatures threaten to reduce the area in the tropics suitable for growing coffee, scientists work to engineer more resilient coffee plants

Five tips to get through the day without caffeine

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