Birch Bay Drive Saftey Tips

Tips for Biking, Hiking & Driving

Golf Carts-New, (They are just learning.)
Maintain a safe speed, keep your eyes & ears alert. Keep windows down & radio low.
Enjoy fresh air & sounds of Birch Bay.
Walk facing automobile traffic.
Look & listen for traffic.
Stay to the left and share your lane with bikers. (For cell use stand off to one side.)
It is better if you can establish eye contact with bikers & drivers.            
Bike the same direction as autos. Pass between pedestrians and autos.
Look & listen for traffic.
Try to establish eye contact with walkers.
There is a lot of nonverbal communication that goes on.  It is helpful if other people are aware of you and you are aware of others.
After dark, wear reflective gear or light colored clothing & carry a light.
(You can add any tips for me at the bottom of this page.)

Link to map of Birch Bay Drive

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