s 3 Birch Bay News and Views for (March)

In Like a Lion and Out Like a Lamb?

We can hardly wait.

Wings over Water Birding Festival is scheduled
Friday the 15th. through Sunday the 17th.

Irish Flags will fly along Birch Bay Drive
And it is hard to say what else will happen.

Ron Millers movie clips and quips return.
It is a great way to spend an occasional Wednesday evening at Semihoo.

The Dogs Keep Thinking It’s Their Off Leash Park

The dogs around Birch Bay are hoping that the New Park, until it becomes a park could be an off-leash area. Marley, the dog has pointed out that an area is a fenced place and this place would be a great spot for local and visiting dogs. Marley has pointed out that most all dogs have trained their human companions to retrieve dog divots and there is a doggy doo station nearby.

A man who was grinding the floor for the new photography studio that is going in the condo building next to The C Shop has a wonderful dog. He ( the man not the dog ) said to me,” You know a dog’s life is about ten years. That means we are all of a dogs life while they are just part of ours. It is important that we treat them right.
I was so impressed with him I asked for his business card. He said he does not use one and does not advertise his business. “It all word of mouth” was his reply.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you us, the more you have.”
Google this one.

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