Bay Watch

You May wish to become part of Bay Watch

 This is a link  to the Bay Watch page you may wish to print and place in your window.

Fold your printed Bay Watch sheet in half so the logo is in on side and the instructions are on the other side. Tape it to your front window so the logo is facing out and the instructions are inside. Get together with your neighbors and pick someone who can coordinate your area.

Bay Watch approach is simple.  It can be expressed this way. “If you are having a problem we’ll see if we can help. If you are being a problem, we’ll see if we can take care of that too.”  This is not a slogan you mutter to people it is something you do.  Let’s say you are working in your yard and you see a car driving slowly by. The the driver is looking around the neighborhood. You ask “Can I help you?”  The driver may actually be lost and appreciate the help, or he may actually be casing the neighborhood and is smart enough to act like he appreciates the help and goes off to case some other neighborhood.  
    Until formal Block Watch programs are set up in all areas of Birch Bay, you and your neighbors may participate in Bay Watch.  Just click on this link and print the page that comes up.  Fold the page and and tape it on one of the front windows of your home. Place it so the directions on the back side are easy for you to see and follow them. You may want to print extra ones for your neighbors.
     It is OK to use the Bay Watch symbol in neighborhoods that have Block Watch programs.  

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