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The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is updating its Active Transportation Plan – but first, they want to hear from you. Survey results will inform the plan by helping WSDOT understand who, how, why and when people walk, bike and roll, and how that would change if we had safer sidewalks, bikeways, trails and walking paths. 

Take the Survey now(In English – more languages coming soon.)

This is what Bellingham is doing for bikers and pedestrians.
In Bellingham far more people get around in cars than walking or biking.
68 percent drove to work, 10 percent of commuters car-pooled, 8 percent walked, 3 percent biked, 5 percent took the bus and 6 percent worked from home.

2.140.020 Purpose of
Whatcom County bicycle/pedestrian advisory committee

The committee is created to make recommendations to the Whatcom County executive, utilizing appropriate existing committees for parks, plkoi walkways (including the upgrade of existing roadways); and
C. The development of information programs to promote safe usage of such facilities. (Ord. 2001-013).

2.140.030 Function.

The committee shall perform the following functions:
A. Map existing and potential bikeways and walkways in Whatcom County.
B. Maintain and update this map and make it available to county government and the public for planning purposes and for the promotion of safe bicycle and pedestrian travel.
C. Review and make recommendations for a priority ranked list of bikeway and walkway projects.
D. Promote design that is responsive to the requirements of bicycle and pedestrian travel applicable to new construction and the retrofitting of existing roadways.
E. Review and make recommendations regarding the county’s maintenance and resurfacing program including signage, striping, marking, drainage, curbing, and other improvements and intersections as they affect bikeways and walkways.
F. Advise county staff and law enforcement on issues, education and enforcement of pertinent existing laws and ordinances that pertain to bicycling and pedestrian issues.
G. Encourage citizen participation in identifying problems, assessing existing facilities, and planning and implementing new projects and programs.
H. Establish and maintain an official BPAC web site for promoting safe bicycling and walking, and communicating current relevant issues. (Ord. 2001-013).

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