Saint Patrick’s Blog

Sorry we are hiding under a rock this year.

At Birch Bay:
We will fly green streamers from the phone poles.
Look for Green Rocks near Birch Bay Drive
& Enjoy the Eating and Drinking Establishments at Birch Bay.
Or, just come to Birch Bay enjoy the fresh air andh walk the Beach and Oh yes, look for Green Irish Rocks. You may get lucky.

If you have “the luck of the Irish,” and find one, email Pat at: cshop@ I will put you in a drawing for a C Shop Easter Bunny, Birnn’s Truffles, or some other chocolate. And even one of the largest Shamrock Buttons you ever saw.

Patrick Alesse

Remember, Lads and Lasses when you are out and about stay a least six feet distance from people you meet. I prefer a full shillelagh length and then some.

You need to do more than wash your pattys. Whatcom County Health The latest

Starting Saturday you can look for these gems along the walking areas along Birch Bay Drive.

Some of the Business and the Birch Bay Chamber Office will have Saint Patrick’s Stickers.

Irish Coffee? Not for me. I love great coffee. I love good scotch. It is a discredit to each by mixing them. But then if I put Scotch in my coffee it wouldn’t be Irish Coffee, now would it?
Or perhaps it would count as Irish coffee. I just spoke to Mr. Patrick whose ancestors are Scotch. He pointed out to me that the guy that turned out to be Saint Patrick was a Scott. He was a prisoner from Scotland who became a slave in Ireland.

I met a man last night that was going into a grocery store. He told me he was going in to get some alcohol. I asked him Rubbing or drinking? He said, “Drinken, I’m avoiding the bars for now.”

Irish potatoes? As I understand it, the Brits thought they would make more money by having the Irish change all their crops to potatoes. It did not leave a very diverse diet for the Irish to eat. Perhaps one result was the Irish started fixing their dinners with two kinds of potatoes at each meal. If you had dinner in Ireland, most likely it came with two kinds of potatoes. One time in Ireland I had dinner and it came with one kind of potatoes an a apology.
It has been argued that another result the Irish crop moving to all potatoes resulted in loss of biodiversity which not only allowed the blight to move more quickly but when it did it wiped out all the income for the Irish.

Ok, they didn’t need it. But I had fun doing it. The St. Patrick’s emeral gems were sterilised in my home oven to 226 degrees.
Large Shamrock are good the year around.

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