How Birch Bay Works

Taxes and Shared Fees

Road District$2,237,854.87
Birch Bay WARM$775,000
Birch Bay Lighting$25,000
Birch Bay Water & Sewer District$0
Sub Total$3,037,854.87
Blaine Birch Bay Park & Rec. District$165,642.70
North Whatcom Fire & Rescue$2,127,597.96
County Library District$740,461.19
Sub Total$3,033,701.85
Total Taxes and Fees to serve the Birch Bay Area$6,071,556.72

1 thought on “How Birch Bay Works

  1. The BBWARM Should be cancelled! All they do is work on drains over by Dora Lees’ area of BB. All this work should have been done by the County! It was approved by the County Council without a vote of the people. I am sick and tired of paying taxes on that BS!!!


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