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The 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens

The Palms Tavern was built in 1956 and 1957 The Palms Tavern was Constructed of Pan A Bode Lumber which was Popular in Canada, to give it the Log Cabin Affect and to give it the Polynesian Atmosphere. Plan A. was to bring in White sand from Hawaii so they Bought a Barge load of White sand from Hawaii however there was a Storm and the Barge Sank. So they went to Plan B. now at that time my Dad was Awarded a State Contract to log and put in the Roads for the Birch Bay State Park. Plan B. Clyde Greene Brought in his D-8 Bulldozer to go out on the tide flats and push the Sand up on to the Beach, the tide was out as he is going out on the tide flats he got stuck, The Tide was coming in he left the Engine Running the Tide came in over the Engine stack killing the Engine, the Engine was Destroyed Clyde new that my Dad had his Bulldozer’s at the State Park so he went up to see if my Dad could Bring the Bulldozers down to pull him out, Dad could not get a Lowboy in until the following morning, The following morning Dad had both D-7 and D-6 Bulldozers at the Palms to winch the D-8 out of the tide-flats and then they had to winch the D -8 onto another Lowboy. So PLAN A. Failed and Plan B. Failed so they left the Beach as is.
Presended by Richard Freeman.

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