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The History of a settler in Birch Bay.
This part of America is still young enough that it seems something short of a miracle that a piece of property has been in the family for 149 years. The Vogt Family of Birch Bay meets such a qualification. In the late 1860’s Charles Vogt, a young boy from Germany arrived on the east coast. He stayed a short time, then started west, stopping in Illinois, then on to San Francisco. He took a boat to Olympia, where he learned that property for homesteading was available at Birch Bay. He went to Semiahmoo where a cannery and a mill were Operating. From there he walked through the woods to stake his claim of 160 acres of waterfront property in the center of Birch Bay. There he built his log cabin on a flat just north of where the Birch Bay Roller Rink will be located. (Present Location of World Mark) This was in 1871.
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