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A War that Changed the World

When World War 2 hit our area, the US Canadian border was closed to nonessential traffic. Does this sound familiar? Today our Canadian border is closed to nonessential traffic. If you have a neighboring home that is owned by Canadians keep an eye on their house for them.

Bob Vogt told me that when World War 2 closed the Canadian Border, the Birch Bay Resort Association got to gather and made a trip to Seattle to convince people from down their to come up to Birch Bay for vacation. It worked. People from Seattle stated coming up in large numbers. After World War 2, both Canadians and Americans came to vacation at Birch Bay. During the 70’s and 80’s it was not unusual to fined Canadian and American families who would arrange their vacation times together. This way they would meet yearly at Birch Bay.

Times and places relate. We in a world war today. Only this time we are all fighting the same enemy. We hope it will be short. We always hope a war will be short.

Submitted by Patrick Alesse
Visit We Can Do It. We did it during WW2. We can do it now.

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