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Parents and Grandparents you may wish to copy this link and email it to your children or grandchildren.

We are making history now.
For time ever everyone on Earth is facing the same challenge. COVAD 19. How we adopt will become historic.

Blaine teachers did this to help children adopt.
*I Want You To Have It All
(Presented by Blaine Hi Teachers)

Enjoy the music while you walk. Save the link and share it with children you know.

*Sweet Quarantine
(Presented by Blaine Hi Teachers)

Birch Bay Historical Society


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The Web of Life, a First Book: John H. Storer We are in the web we weave.

During my teens I read this book,” The Web of Life.” It had a profound effect on me. Mable James, the lady who gave me the book, told me, “Pat, if we take care of the Earth, it will take care of us.”

Even then, I was a bit of a wise guy. My reply to her was, ‘Miss. James, if we don’t take care of the Earth, it will take care of us.‘ I much prefer and I believe we all prefer, to be taken care of Miss. James way.

During my thirties I discovered Chief Seattle. He also has had a profound effect on me

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