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Patrick Alesse
Enjoy Birch Bay!
Patrick Alesse
Birch Bay Historical Society
Birch Bay, WA
Patrick Alesse
The C Shop
Business People at Birch Bay
Birch Bay, WA
WebWork, Birch Bay Weather, Air Quality Washington State, Air Quality Birch Bay, world air Q,
Tides for Birch Bay, BBWARM Water Tests, Earthquakes, BB Web Cam, World Data Washington State Map 1, TV Guide, Assessor Look Up, Birch Bay Historical Society, Members, WordPress Tips, Nature Guide, FRED, Association of Info. Professionals,
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PBS News, PBS Radio, C Span, World O Meter,,
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Geo Cashing in Birch Bay
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Robert Reich
CS, GS, CC, SH-C, SA, ,Whatcom Wildlife, Eddy,
WR, BBR, TCS, Garry G, Max Jones,

It’s no mistake. It’s Point Roberts! 

History Kid DRAFT


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