Birch Bay Historical Society Our Members

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President and Founder
Bea Ball

Vice President
Patrick Alesse

Wendy White 

Kathy McDivitt

Other Directors
Richard Freeman
Pam Cook
Wayne Diaz

Name of Contact Member
1.Ali Wilson Siville
2.Arne Clevelandy
3.Barbara Sanfordy
4.Bea Bally
5.Bobby Browny
6.Bruce Langleyy
7.Carol Janssensy
8.Carol Ricardy
9.Chris Gaudettey
10.Connie Taylor
11.Dan During
12.Denny & wife DeMeyeryy
13.Dianne Marrs Smith
14.Donna Baron
15.Earl Bally
16.Eddy Lathers
17.Garth Baldwin
18.Gene Quinn
19.Gerald Stege Trine Torresyy
20.Jack Lauman
21.Jeff Grimes
22.Jerry Burtonshaw
23.Jim Calhoon
24.Jim Cheatley
25.Jim Lang
26.Kathy Cleveland
27.Kathy Mc Deritty
28.Kathy Renskersy
29.Kelly Blaksly
30.kelvin & Patty Bartonyy
31.Ken Koch
32.Lauren & Mike Conneryy
33.Linda Cliney
34.Lyn Langleyy
35.Mark Shintaffer
36.Pam Cooky
37.Patricia Alessey
38.Patrick Alessey
39.Pauline Nefcyy
40.Phill Wilsons
41.Richard Freemany
42.Roger Almskaar
43.Ruby Mays
44.Sheryl Cliney
45.Shirly Sell
46.Thomas Kimberly
47.Tina Yerzy
48.Todd Robyy
49.Tom Richard
50.Victoria Peter Wilhelmsen
51.Wayne Diaz y
52.Wendy White y
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